Java Card Communications Access Layer

What is Jaccal?

Jaccal is a set of smart card communications API for Java applications. It is developed for Windows and Unix machines, accessing the smart card through the PCSC (Personal Computer Smart Card) layer on each platform.

Jaccal also provides a scripting engine and a script editor (Anubis) that allows developers to directly access the smart card.

How does Jaccal work?

What is Anubis?

Anubis is a script editor and user interface for Jaccal. Smart card developers can use it to run personalization and personalization scripts, casual users can write scripts to retrieve information from the smart card, serious developers can use it as a platform to develop their own user interface to access the smart card.

I'm a newbie with smart cards but I want to access information from a smart card. What is the quickest way?

First, determine what kind of smart card you wish to access. Then read this quick tutorial to get up to speed, and ask questions in the forum!

I just want to read my SIM card. What should I do?

Jaccal's GSM optional package is part of the roadmap, scheduled for release by end of the 2005. This will contain the ready made set of APIs to access a GSM SIM card, a SIMCard object for easy access to the card, and an additional tab in Anubis for a quick view of the information inside the SIM. In the meantime if you are brave enough you can read up the GSM 11.11 specifications and send your own APDUs to it!